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Will I have to participate in the show?


Will you help me promote my event?


What size groups can you accommodate?


Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about Murder Cafe and it's services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send an email to murdercafe.ny@gmail.com.


Why should I hire Murder Cafe?

In business since 1998, we have gotten rave reviews performing for over 100 companies, hundreds of venues and thousands of happy customers. We have over 15 different interactive murder mystery scripts to choose from and we can write or customize a script for your event. From the beginning we work with you on all your needs.


What can our group expect from a Murder Cafe show?

The show begins when your guests enter the dining room and are greeted by our actors in character. Once your guests are in their seats the show will begin. Most of our scripts are broken into four scenes that play about 20 minutes each and the dinner courses are usually served between scenes unless you're serving buffet style. During the first scene the actors will play out various conflicts and drop clues and by the second scene someone gets killed. A detective appears by the third scene and he or she establishes who the suspects and witnesses are and some of them could be audience members. Before the last scene audience members will be asked to fill out "whodunit" sheets. If they have kept track of certain clues they will be able to guess who had the means and motive to commit the crime. During the last scene the detective will reveal the murderer. Audience members who guessed correctly will be eligible for prizes.


Is the humor adult?

We are not sexually explicit or offensive. Some of our comedy bits and adlibs are suggestive, but if we see children in the audience we're very careful.


What size groups do you accommodate?

Between 30 and 200 people


Will I have to participate in the show?

Only if you want to. The members of your party can participate as much as they want or as little as they want. Our actors are skilled at sensing who wants to play along and who doesn't. If the script requires it we include an audience member in the action and our actors will find someone who is comfortable with it. If you want us to include the name of your organization or the names of certain people into the show we will be happy to accommodate you.


If someone in our group is celebrating an occasion can it be included in the show?

Absolutely, just let us know beforehand. Our actors will acknowledge a birthday, anniversary or company event during the show. If you have another event planed like an awards ceremony before or after our show, we will make sure you are accommodated.


What does the entertainment fee include?

In addition to our professional actors, we include a sound technician with equipment, props and costumes necessary for the show, printed programs and "whodunit" sheets, pencils and prizes for several of the guests who guess who the murderer is.

Our rates are based on several factors including the size of your group and travel.


Will you help me promote my event?

Once you schedule a Murder Cafe event the selling of tickets doesn't have to be difficult, in fact it can be fun. We have over 25 years experience in marketing and sales promotion and as added value we'll put our resources to work for you. Our services are mostly free of charge to our customers.

  • Writing and distribution of press releases
  • Social media campaigns including Facebook pages and links
  • Constant Contact email marketing campaigns
  • Design and printing of flyers, posters and check presenters